Dagger Knife Blade

Vintage (1/10)

  • Caucasian Georgian Dagger Kindjal Sword Vintage Blade Knife
  • Vintage Antique Spanish Mexican Carved Horn Fixed Blade Dagger Knife Sheath Old
  • Indo Persian Dagger Damascus Blade Vintage Knife Koftgari Bone Silver Inlay Work
  • Vintage Japanese Fighting Knife/dagger Skull & Crossbones Fixed Blade
  • Vintage Dagger Knife Islamic Jambiya Sword Arabic Blade Handmade Koumya Gift
  • German Solingen Marked Wwii Era Vintage Flyer's Knife Dagger Blade Dlv Or Nsfk
  • Vintage Us Custom Made Handmade German Ww2 Dagger Blade Fighting Knife With Sheath
  • Vintage Old Rare Hand Carved Horn Handle Iron Blade Dagger Safety Knife Holster
  • Vintage Solingen Germany Navy Dagger Knife With Blade Etchings. Anchor
  • Discountinued Vintage Cold Steel Double Edge Carbon V Dagger Blade Knife
  • Vintage Antique Military Vietnam War Etched Fixed Blade Dagger Knife Sheath Old
  • Vintage Collectible Blade Kris Knife Indonesian Pacific Islands Blade
  • Knife Khanjar Dagger Jambiya Sword Vintage Islamic Ottoman Blade Silver Turkey
  • Vintage Custom Koji Hara Flipper Knife Cowry Y Blade Mop Mother Of Pearl Dagger
  • Vintage Pic Made In Germany 14-1/2 Fixed Blade Dagger Knife
  • Dagger Knife Blade Sword Dirk Antique Silver Vintage Arabic Old Rare Copper W
  • Vintage Knife Katar Damascus Steel Blade Knife Dagger Handmade
  • Vintage Solingen Rostfrei German Dagger Knife With Blade Decorations